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Spencer Bros. LLC Oil Tank Removal

When your oil storage tank starts leaking, or you stop using it, it's time to call the oil tank removal experts at Spencer Bros. LLC Leaks are not only expensive, but they can be dangerous to your personal and property's safety as well. Whether you still use your oil tank to heat your home, or it's left over after refitting your home with a gas or electric furnace, it's not enough to just call someone to haul that tank away.

Leaking oil and fuel can contaminate the soil around your house or commercial property, which can not only be a health hazard to the people in the area, it can result in thousands of dollars in fines and clean up costs. At the first sign of a leak, or when you finally quit using it, you're better off removing the oil tank, rather than letting it stay in the ground, your basement, or outside storage pad.

But if you're dealing with an underground or basement oil tank, Spencer Bros. LLC handles basement tank removal and installation. We'll carefully cut out your old oil tank, haul it out, and replace it with a brand new oil tank, making all the connections and ensuring a proper and safe fit.

Your New England Oil Tank Removal Specialists

Spencer Bros. LLC has been serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine since 1983, handling both above ground and underground oil tank removal, as well as furnace and propane tank removal, and boiler removal. Whether it's a 275 gallon underground oil tank, or a 20,000 gallon tank, Spencer Brothers has the experience, equipment, and know-how to do oil tank removal the right way.

Underground oil tanks will eventually leak, whether it's a home tank that's been in place for 50 years, or a commercial tank that's been there for 20. Having a good oil tank removal resource in place could save your home or business from costly repairs, soil remediation costs, and even hefty state and federal fines.

With more than 28 years of experience, Spencer Tank Removal is OSHA certified and holds a Massachusetts Hazardous Waste License. We also have a clean record with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.

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